allyl chloride

allyl chloride

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  • Allyl chloride — Allyl chloride …   Wikipedia

  • allyl chloride — noun : a volatile pungent toxic flammable liquid CH2=CHCH2Cl made by high temperature chlorination of propylene and used chiefly in making glycerol and allyl derivatives (as allyl alcohol and allyl resins) * * * Chem. a colorless, volatile,… …   Useful english dictionary

  • allyl chloride — Chem. a colorless, volatile, flammable liquid, C3H5Cl, having a pungent odor, derived from propylene by chlorination: used chiefly in the synthesis of allyl alcohol, resins, and pharmaceuticals. * * * …   Universalium

  • allyl chloride — a compound derived by the chlorination of propylene, used in the preparation of other allyl compounds, of thermosetting resins, and of pharmaceuticals and insecticides; it is toxic by ingestion, inhalation, and skin absorption and affects the… …   Medical dictionary

  • allyl chloride — noun The chlorinated derivative of propene 3 chloropropene that is used in the manufacture of pesticides and pharmaceuticals etc …   Wiktionary

  • Allyl isothiocyanate — Chembox new Name = Allyl isothiocyanate ImageFile = Allyl isothiocyanate 2D skeletal.png ImageName = Allyl isothiocyanate ImageFile1 = Allyl isothiocyanate 3D vdW.png ImageName1 = Space filling model of allyl isothiocyanate IUPACName = 3… …   Wikipedia

  • Allyl alcohol — Chembox new ImageFile=Allyl alcohol.png IUPACNAME=Prop 2 en 1 ol Allyl alcohol Formula=C3H6O MolarMass=58.08 g/mol CASNo=107 18 6 SMILES=OCC=C Density=0.854 g/ml MeltingPt=−129 °C BoilingPt=97 °C Solubility=Miscible Solvent=Water InChI=1/C3H6O/c1 …   Wikipedia

  • allyl alcohol — noun an unsaturated primary alcohol present in wood spirit; use to make resins and plasticizers and pharmaceuticals • Syn: ↑propenyl alcohol • Hypernyms: ↑alcohol • Substance Holonyms: ↑methanol, ↑methyl alcohol, ↑wood alcohol, ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • Allyl — An allyl group is an alkene hydrocarbon group with the formula H2C=CH CH2 . It is made up of a vinyl group, CH2=CH , attached to a methylene CH2. For example allyl alcohol has the structure H2C=CH CH2OH . Compounds containing the allyl group are… …   Wikipedia

  • Allyl bromide — Chembox new ImageFile = AllylBromide.png ImageSize = 160px IUPACName = 3 Bromoprop 1 ene OtherNames = Allyl bromide, 3 Bromopropene, 3 Bromopropylene, 3 Bromo 1 propene, Bromoallylene, 2 Propenyl bromide, UN 1099 Section1 = Chembox Identifiers… …   Wikipedia

  • allyl resin — noun a resin derived from allyl alcohol that hardens when cured; used as an adhesive • Hypernyms: ↑synthetic resin * * * noun or allyl plastic : any of a group of thermosetting transparent abrasion resistant synthetic resins or plastics made… …   Useful english dictionary

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